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One associated with JIEDDO's greatest priorities is always to give you the best possible C-IED coaching support plan to Warfighters through investments built to ensure training on existing enemy TTPs and our associated countermeasures.

--LTG Thomas F. Metz, "JIEDDO training Assistance Strategy," Cover memorandum dated 20 March 2008


The primary problem with an improvised explosive device (IED), from the insurgent's point involving view, is the very fact that many times, it fails to harm the intended target. In your event that your timing can be off just a bit the blast occurs too early or also late. to facilitate higher accuracy, insurgents employ triggers that effectively turn an IED in to a poor man's precision weapon. Involving the numerous types of IEDs recognized to exist, which includes the victim managed IED, suicide vehicle borne IED, along with command wire IED, it was the radio controlled IED (RCIED) that will caused about half of most U.S. casualties in Iraq in between 2003 along with 2005. (1)

The need to rapidly develop countermeasures in order to neutralize the actual RCIED threat led your Army inside 2005 to charter your U.S. Army training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Capability Manager--Ground Sensors (TCM-GS) to integrate Counter RCIED--Electronic Warfare (CREW) across the Army's DOTMLPF domains (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership/education, personnel, and facilities.) Statements regarding Joint Urgent Operational Want (JUONs) through U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) guided early CREW specifications along with steered counter-RCIED (C-RCIED) capability management with regard to TCM-GS as the Combat Developer. Alongside Program Director CREW because the Materiel Developer, New systems Training and Integration office (NSTIO, Fort Huachuca) because the training Developer and a new host regarding additional interconnected stakeholders through Army, Joint, Interagency, and also multinational organizations, TCM-GS contributed for you to a collective effort which reduced the actual RCIED threat simply by late 2007 for you to a fraction in the rate seen previously.

However, the prosperity of CREW over the final 3 many years won'tgenerate a new "mission accomplished" banner at any time soon.IED-related exercise still accounted regarding about 78 percent regarding individualdetentions through coalition forces inside Iraq inside 2008. (2) Your continuingchallenge is to capitalize upon CREW investments together with adaptive, flexible,and enduring CREW coaching solutions. Any key component associated with this strategyis to become able to instill C-RCIED capabilities all through all levels in the ArmyForce Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle and also over the institutional andself-development training domains. The Actual latest CREW coaching strategyfront loads CREW coaching possibilities further left associated with boom (3) todevelop competent leaders and well-trained, disciplined, as well as adaptiveSoldiers. Existing and also long term efforts keep for you to the TRADOC campaign Strategy andexpand CREW training directly into complex multi dimensional urban environmentsto attain your Army's goal to coach anywhere, anytime.

The purpose want in order to understand , can be to spell out the actual CREW strategy and some associated with the training initiatives that will form the cornerstone regarding effective C-RCIED capability management.

Background upon RCIED/CREW

RCIEDs first appeared throughout Iraq in July 2003. (4) That They used "cell phones, garage door openers, remote telephones, along with even kids' toys" (5) in order to initiate IED detonation. Al Qaeda and also other insurgent groups quickly acknowledged your economy, stealth, and also strategic advantage in the IED like a terrorist weapon. IEDs ignite sectarian conflict, ruin well-known support with regard to war, wreck faith in nearby government, and trigger withdrawal involving coalition as well as multinational partners. (6) To counter the escalating employment associated with RCIEDs against ground forces in Iraq and also Afghanistan, the American military funded the actual development of countermeasures in order to neutralize the particular threat. This effort initially suffered from any insufficient preparation. the Army Staff vetted urgent requests for quick solutions for the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) for funding. Materiel developers adopted rapid equipping processes which compressed procurement schedules, forced a chilly commence regarding industry, and led in order to short product existence spans for many early CREW devices. the first CREW jammer ended up being actually a new modified Shortstop Electronic Protection System (SEPS) originally made to spoof variable period artillery fuses.

It didn't take extremely long pertaining to insurgents for you to adapt to those early countermeasures. The "whack-a-mole" dynamic ensued between insurgents as well as CENTCOM exactly where both factors assessed present adversary advantages and cycled in new as well as short-lived features of their particular own. The cycle continued regarding years, from the modification involving SEPS inside 2003 to follow-on iterations with the Warlock family of CREW one devices in 2004 and 2005. It wasn't until DOD Directive 2000.19D set up the actual Joint IED Job Force within 2005 as well as the Army developed the high-powered Duke CREW 2 jammer inside 2006 that will coalition forces pulled decisively forward of insurgents inside the CREW/RCIED arms race. at the actual duration of this writing, there will be cautious optimism that will American jammers can easily sustain a technological benefit over RCIEDs with regard to a quantity of time for a person personally to come. The Actual advent of upgraded operational capabilities with regard to versatile modulation could signal a future associated with "cognitive jammers" together with autonomic technology to interpret and also transmit signals without affecting the actual operation of friendly radios.

CREW Coaching Strategy

The CREW coaching strategy grew together with CREW materiel solutions as proven within Figure 1. in 2004 CREW coaching consisted mainly involving New Equipment training (NET) within Theater. Simply By 2006, the actual proliferation involving CREW devices required a new approach. This led your Mixed Arms center (CAC) under the actual leadership of then Lieutenant General David Petraeus to approve any layered concept with regard to CREW training which prescribed mobile training team (MTT) assistance to the operational Army, CREW operator training as well as staff coaching in the institutional coaching base, and distance learning how to assistance individual self-development. Because CREW continued to be able to mature through 2006 to be able to 2008 coaching metamorphosed about a wider selection of coaching resources. In the biggest market of this effort stateside has been the particular transformation with the National training Middle (NTC) into the world-class CREW coaching facility below the particular leadership of the Joint center regarding Excellence (JCOE) and the Army center associated with Excellence (ACOE).


The wealth involving knowledge gained over any two-year evolution of coaching, teaching, and also training organization commanders as well as battalion staffs influenced the the majority of recent CREW System training Strategy (STRAP). from 2008 onward, CREW training will extend to be able to a lot more units with much more places than ever before pertaining to early along with steady exposure to end up being able to C-RCIED capabilities.

The goal would become to boost dwell occasion on equipment and finally make C-RCIED tasks universal events, on par using weapons qualification or first aid. to accomplish this, CREW training will expand in the institutional domain, add resources towards the self-development domain, and coexist with the various battle rhythms in the operational domain. The latest CREW STRAP documents any holistic approach to C-RCIED training with a strategy battle camp hack download that:

* Provides flexible opportunities whatsoever places worldwide.

* Updates instruction to become able to reflect the latest tactics, techniques, and methods (TTPs).

* Aligns with all the Army's Title X responsibilities.

* Expands economic support.

The new STRAP remedies any significant limitation inside present CREW training, which until just lately centered predominantly in CREW support in order to regional combatant commanders. Your new strategy widens this emphasis to some worldwide look across Army institutions along with throughout the actual ARFORGEN cycle. Today JIEDDO funds, develops, along with procures CREW to fulfill CENTCOM JUONs through the actual Joint IED Capability Approval and Acquisition Management Process. The Actual benefit of JIEDDO acquisition is always that the actual Services don't must spend acquisition costs or perhaps pick up working out and sustainment costs regarding Counter-IED options for two fiscal a extended time after introduction. CREW will be consequently theater provided equipment (TPE) without an Army procurement objective. This kind of no-cost approach shields the Army's leading collection via CREW sustainment and also training expenses, but also rules out CREW authorizations in Tables associated with Organization and Equipment. The Particular disadvantage in JIEDDO acquisition is always that CREW has no Basis regarding Issue Strategy (BOIP), zero formal coaching requirement, and no defined procedure to always be able to easily integrate CREW in for you to a cradle in order to grave Combined Arms training Strategy (CATS). Your new STRAP goes beyond NET pertaining to Quick Reaction Capability and stipulates CREW coaching possibilities across all domains.

Additionally, the actual STRAP provides the actual template for you to align CREW training with most the Army's traditional Title X responsibilities to train, equip, and also organize. the new approach joins the particular cooperative effort of the joint acquisition community in the self-development domain and puts more CREW coaching in the institutional domain. Throughout the operational domain, CREW coaching moves beyond pre-deployment readiness and extends to just about all or any ARFORGEN units as portion of the Total Force concept for both the particular Active and Reserve Components. This alter offers commanders the freedom for you to determine which duties must be trained at what degree the training must start according to his or her unit's training status. With the extra resources discussed in this article, CREW coaching can enter unit coaching plans along with collective tasks derived from CATS. Commanders won't have to depend upon MTT/ACOE and Joint CREW Composite Squadron--One (JCCS-1) in order to reinforce deployment preparations but can develop and also execute short- along with long-term crawl-walk-run CREW training events on their particular own. Your potential for units to figure out for themselves when for you to revisit C-RCIED capabilities also to modify repetition intervals for max retention boosts the probability regarding greater CREW proficiency.

The STRAP additionally envisions dynamic updates to be able to CREW training based on Lessons learned and also best-of-breed adaptations whenever the threat changes TTPs. much in the heavy lifting pertaining to CREW coaching initially fell to program Manager (PM) CREW to supply trainers, instructional material and equipment in order to Warfighter units along with other organizations. The Particular PM CREW MTT trained other MTTs, field Assistance Representatives, combat training center (CTC) advisors, and also JCCS-1 Electronic Warfare Operations (EWO) trainers. ACOE, NSTIO MTT, as well as JCCS-1 inside CENTCOM quickly took over the actual bulk of training responsibilities. These kinds of organizations maintain currency of CREW coaching supplies using up-to-date friendly TTPs along with up-to-date threat emulation from the JIEDDO Counter-IED Operational Integration Center (COIC). Almost All these organizations leveraged linkages to supported operating forces, that provided constant feedback to inform updates to training materials. Your STRAP implements any comparable adaptive process across just about all domains to become able to refine training as well as sustain relevance and realism in CREW training.

Finally, your CREW training strategy actually has teeth within the form of expanded economic support from JIEDDO. The Particular apportionment involving funds for Fiscal 12 Months (FY) 2008 proven throughout Figure two devoted a bigger slice to training compared to prior years. Your amount associated with cash readily obtainable for IED training went via 9 % of the budget in FY 2007 for you to 15 percent of the spending budget in FY 2008. This kind of 73 % improve coming from $410 million to $710 million bucks surpassed increases in most various other sections of the JIEDDO spending budget throughout each nominal as well as percentage terms. The Particular advantage of this expansion involving sources is planning to be improved proficiency throughout technical and procedural CREW coaching remedies that will assistance cornerstone C-RCIED capabilities.

Operational training Domain

CREW coaching in the operational coaching domain emphasizes home station training (HST) resources, battle staff training, and also Joint exercises focused on full-spectrum operations throughout CTC rotations and mission rehearsal workout routines (MREs). (9) Your intent in the operational training domain is to develop and also sustain individual competencies, such as operator and leader proficiency along with train collective tasks up to platoon level, supplemented along with battle staff duties up to brigade level in assistance in the unit's Mission Crucial task List. A number Of involving the major initiatives here are: NTC transformation; progression of HST; exportable coaching capability (ETC); CREW MTT, along with fielding involving CREW training devices.

The transformation and also expansion of NTC since 2004 as part of the CTC Modernization Plan created the premier desert facility pertaining to CREW training. New NTC facilities support C-RCIED training inside a realistic live environment and provide the particular greatest way to maximize your proactive edge and technical superiority of our own CREW devices. NTC investments meet Modular Force training and ARFORGEN readiness needs together with a greater emphasis on foreign role-players, the construction of twelve urban combat facilities, and a shift via high-intensity desert combat to an importance in counterinsurgency operations. Coupled using advanced feedback methods for enhanced after action review (AAR) capabilities, NTC workout routines rapidly correct deficiencies along with enhance unit capabilities. Joint investments inside the COIC also contribute to NTC success. The Particular COIC develops realistic storylines, intelligence, as well as the Master Scenario Events Checklist pertaining to MREs. The Actual TRADOC G2 Army COIC back links to the JIEDDO COIC and offers similar expertise along with training for you to Army units deploying for you to theater. The Particular payback from these investments is greater situational comprehension of the actual ideas and characteristics of RCIED attacks and also far better situational awareness depending on better CREW vulnerability assessments.

Another major initiative began inside 2008 to set up IED-Defeat Training Lanes in assistance involving HST II with regard to U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) units deploying for you to Operations Iraqi Freedom along with Enduring Freedom. This specific can always be a multi-faceted initiative to always be able to develop and also sustain basic C-RCIED capabilities and collective (unit) coaching at the camp, post, and station level. This effort began inside 2007 once the Army Asymmetric Warfare Workplace validated the particular requirement for coaching lanes from 18 FORSCOM installations (Forts Dix, Drum, Benning, Bragg, Campbell, Know, Stewart, Jackson, Bliss, Carson, Hood, Lewis, McCoy, Polk, Riley, Sill, and Camps Atterbury as well as Shelby.) (10) These lanes combine road-trail improvements, facade villages, mock traffic circle-overpass, Jersey barriers, signage, along with non-permanent storage buildings. local units request access for the facilities through typical range operations. The Phase II HST concept provides further resources to be able to create a microcosm of NTC at up to 36 locations. This specific impressive plan runs directly into the hundreds associated with an incredible quantity of bucks nevertheless the payback way outweighs the cost. The complete concept calls for topic make a difference experts at each area to include red team members, Counter-IED Exploitation Cell (CEXC) advisors, CREW trainer/ advisors, Route Clearance Team (RCT) trainers, explosive ordnance device (EOD) advisors, intelligence analysts, and civilians-on-the-battlefield role players. Cycle II HST in addition adds more equipment inside the form of range instrumentation, surrogate Buffalos, surrogate Joint Explosive Ordnance Rapid Reaction Vehicles (JERRV), surrogate RG-31s as well as RG-33s, surrogate Huskys, visually modified surrogate Up-Armored high Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), HMMWV remote controls, and also surrogate jamming effectiveness boxes. (11) each HST build-out diffuses the particular locus regarding CREW training beyond NTC along with assistance to always be able to Army Commands, Army service Component Commands, along with Immediate Reporting Units. HST fundamentally alters C-RCIED training and affords commanders unprecedented possibilities to train and sustain proficiency about C-RCIED TTPs at nearby ranges before cycling into the Obtainable Force pool.

To leverage HST sources along with world-class exercise support, NTC will fully stand up an ETC throughout October 2009 for you to export CTC coaching capability to installations outside Fort Irwin. These Days approximately one-third of all units miss a CTC rotation as part of pre-deployment preparations due to scheduling conflicts or lower priority. ETC will bridge this gap with mobile Observer/Controller support and scaled back again coaching packages to meet ARFORGEN needs at home station. The Particular concept can be to go the CTCs to the system as opposed to transfer the system towards the CTCs. The Particular ETC will not change typical CTC support, (for example, the actual quantity and also scale associated with MREs conducted at the CTCs will remain the same even following the ETC can be fully operational.) (12) Credited in order to weight/cube restrictions on ETC transportation assets, early ETC rotations possibly won't export CREW/RCIED equipment. Instead, ETC will make an effort to leverage COIC input and also HST resources in particular FORSCOM installations in order to enable complete spectrum training. to staff this initiative, TRADOC will realign 278 active component military authorizations from the CTCs towards the ETC Table of Distribution along with Allowances.

CREW MTTs coming from Fort Huachuca offer another resource throughout the operational domain to coach the actual trainer along with give operator along with leader CREW familiarization training. Since 2005 the particular ARFORGEN model set MTT priorities to end up being able to deploying units in order that by means of 2007 CREW MTTs trained more compared to 34,000 Joint Support members. A New CREW MTT consists involving two 18-person teams dedicated in order to coaching brigade combat teams and one 14-person team devoted to be able to Joint forces coaching as well as training development along with EW training. most classes are usually 2 to end up being able to 4 hours long using 2 instructors as well as approximately 35 students for each class. CREW MTTs forge any close working relationship and also complement the training resources associated with JIEDDO, U.S. Army Maneuver support Center, U.S. Army Mixed Arms Support Command, as well as the U.S. Army Signal Center.

CREW training devices provide yet another useful resource in the operational domain that will not contend with CENTCOM regarding CREW equipment and won't hinder civilian communications networks or perhaps operate afoul of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) restrictions. (14) Your first spiral of this capability was an outdated CREW one Warlock jammer retrograded coming from CENTCOM and then modified having an embedded training capability. The Actual loadset associated with this product labored inside an authorized frequency band along with provided CREW familiarization without having decrementing theater stocks. Warlock jammers provided a fast bridge solution but they suffered from the disconnect involving the coaching base along with actual TPE. low density along with substantial sustainment price projections with regard to modified Warlocks furthermore raised concerns about long-term supportability of expensive circuit boards and other components.

The design, development along with fielding in the next spiral of CREW 2 and CREW 2.1 training devices throughout 2007 as well as 2008 overcame these deficiencies. Your new CREW coaching devices provided a new relevant, flexible as well as inexpensive platform regarding reside CREW training by means of the following innovations:

* Dual-purpose faceplates that will simulate the selection of devices.

* Particular training frequency ranges as well as energy transmission within FCC regulations on an approved mesh network.

* Worldwide distribution across active as well as reserve components.

* Assistance with regard to full-spectrum operations in CTCs without extracting CREW devices from Theater.

* Interoperability together with IED results simulators.

* affordable sustainment projections credited for you to straightforward circuitry.

* Permitted commanders to end up being able to integrate CREW into HST lanes and also other home station training events with out FCC consent.

JIEDDO funded 6,153 of the total CREW STRAP requirement of 8,529 training devices for operator as well as leader coaching as demonstrated inside Figure 3.

With your exception regarding an urgent neighborhood buy involving 60 devices by Fort Drum, installations pay nothing for the devices. all the actual live devices with regard to MTT assistance similarly get funding. Fort Jackson received funding in order to produce 525 XM-1 devices as well as distribute to all Initial Military training installations throughout FY 2009. Also, training Support Centers, scheduled to get many devices, get added storage facilities funded simply by JIEDDO. Your prioritized distribution plan pre-positions devices with CTCs and synchronizes with HST locations. Other slices offer worldwide distribution based on range capacities and supported unit types, along with extra devices dedicated for the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve. 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division also employs more than 100 coaching devices to train Safety Force Assistance Transition Teams with specific emphasis upon CREW status training for the Transition Team Communications NCOIC. (15)

Institutional Coaching Domain

In the particular institutional training domain, coaching will take location at Service schools, CTCs, the particular civilian education and learning system, and also professional military schooling programs. This particular domain provides standards-based training as well as education coming from individual via collective coaching for Soldiers, civilians, along with leaders. (16) Institutional CREW training augments applications associated with instruction (POIs) at First Entry Training, and in the actual Noncommissioned Officer education System (NCOES) and Officer Education System (OES). training in this domain breaks on to three functional areas: operators and leaders, maintainers, along with planners.

Operator training starts with IED familiarization training. Regarding the five widespread IEDD duties built in to end up being able to the IEDD framework established inside FM 3-90.119/MCIP 3-17.01, combined Arms Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Operations, your relevant operator widespread process can be combat survival techniques 052192-1271, "Identify visual Indicators associated with an IED." (17) Warrior task 27, "Prepare any Vehicle within a Convoy," incorporates CREW. the equivalent leader process through the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Courses, Warrant Officer Simple Courses, and basic Officer Leader Program Cycle III is 052-192-3262, "Prepare for an IED threat ahead of movement." The Particular degree of training fidelity depends upon sources available. With the cheapest crawl stage of CREW/RCIED training, piles associated with rocks painted red might represent IED locations plus an ammunition can with a flashlight bulb could represent CREW. Your XM-1 familiarization device destined regarding every basic Combat Training platoon demonstrated in Figure 3 will improve realism, but most other representations could additionally accomplish the necessary training effect. CTCs offer the particular next amount of operator training by means of JCOE/ACOE introductory classes. These types of programs provide instruction in present CREW capabilities in theater and incorporate reasonable devices for you to teach functional characteristics along with correct employment techniques. NCOES as well as OES schools also offer a amount of leader training and CREW overview.

The biggest shortfall in the institutional training domain will be the lack involving programs to teach military personnel as CREW maintainers. This gap doesn't affect operational availability since field Support Representatives throughout CENTCOM, funded simply by multi-year contractor logistics support contracts, update firmware and supply field/sustainment maintenance pertaining to CREW. the emerging maintenance concept with regard to CREW will reduce sustainment expenses along with restrict the number of contractors on the battlefield perhaps beginning as early as FY 2012. one prospective solution proposes area maintenance performed simply by Soldiers inside Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 25U, Signal support Methods Specialist and sustainment degree repair within MOS 94E, Radio along with Communications Security Repairer. Although with out any BOIP they are usually driving a formal requirement Army units lack organic maintenance assistance pertaining to CREW. Regarding now your institutional domain only teaches Army maintainers to always be able to manage CREW configuration files and load sets. To Always Be Able To assistance this requirement Fort Huachuca's Tactical EWO course (course amount 3B-SI/ASI1K/230-ASI1K(CT) at provides selected people with detailed knowledge of CREW configuration procedures and also basic troubleshooting skills. Students learn how to upload load sets in order to CREW devices along with download load sets for you to laptop computers from the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team website. CTCs offer comparable coaching through JCOE/ ACOE courses as well as CREW MTTs furthermore offer the actual Crew Organization Specialist Course in your personal home station. ACOE proposed a new CREW Master Gunner course to combine this coaching into a single course.

CREW planners use a number of resources obtainable in the institutional domain managed from the combined Arms Middle EW Proponent. (18) The Particular proliferation of CREW extra complexity to a already oversaturated electromagnetic environment, that complex the task of spectrum management. Expedient measures adopted to always be able to meet the requirement for immediate EWO assistance included an Operational EWO course in Fort Sill, continued instruction for your Battlefield Spectrum Management Course from Fort Gordon, as well as temporary assignments involving Air Force as well as Navy EWOs for you to Army brigade combat teams. These kind of measures labored nevertheless didn't fit a long-term answer that could sustain robust Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) capabilities. 1 difficulty spectrum managers faced would always be a not enough leadership assignments for anyone awarded the Additional Skill Identifier D9, that meant they seldom worked as spectrum managers throughout consecutive assignments. The Actual Signal Center addressed this gap throughout 2007 by having an EMSO Concept Capability Program and also the designation associated with EMSO as becoming a core competency. Inside 2008 Fort Gordon began instruction regarding MOS 25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Managers. the design of this MOS creates competitive promotion possibilities as well as cultivates career professional development by getting an electromagnetic spectrum manager course, a new cycle 1 as well as stage two Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course, and finally a Joint spectrum manager class.

Within OES, Fort Sill prepares EWOs for Practical area (FA) 29. The pilot for your proposed six-week qualification program included a comprehensive assessment they are driving updates along with adjustments to the POI before your initiative ramps up towards the maximum class load involving 56 students. The impetus behind this effort is really a desire to diminish or remove the Army's Request with regard to Forces from the other services in order to source EWO billets. Official designation regarding FA 29 must turn out within the next few months using the discharge of most existing listings for Total Army Analysis 10-15. FA 29 complements education along with coaching conducted simply by various other centers and schools along with supports the application of Army-wide warfighting functions in cyberspace. Whilst electronic attack is actually just a part of the task of spectrum managers and also EWOs, MOS 25E/FA 29 training represents a new major milestone toward launching proficient CREW planners and also establishing ground EWO as an enduring capability as well as Army core competency.

Self Development training Domain

In the particular self-development coaching domain, training takes place beyond the schoolhouse as well as training web site to extend the particular skills, capabilities and fundamental knowledge by means of practice and also performance of routine duties, self-directed learning activities, along with reflection after workout routines as well as operational experiences. (19) In addition to end up being able to general web-based practical information on Lessons Learned, Reimer Library, and also Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, the actual three major CREW-specific initiatives that enhance self-directed understanding are: JIEDDO JCOE Knowledge and Information Exchange (KnIFE); DARWARS Ambush!, and furthermore the Convoy Planning Tool.

The KnIFE information portal disseminates typical POIs, best practices, and also threat TTPs specific for an location associated with operation. This really is the best source for people who want to become able to pursue self-directed CREW training. KnIFE provides opportunities to train at home station and gain knowledge in which prepares war-fighters to quickly capitalize in C-RCIED capabilities encountered inside some other venues. Commanders derive a new huge benefit from this type of self-study. Because individuals attain greater proficiency by means of self-development, it frees up much more time to prepare for more complicated duties related to be able to complete spectrum operations along with CTC/MRE events. An Additional advantage will be the currency of information upon KnIFE. Hard linkages to become able to Theater shrink the knowledge gap to some negligible amount between the education base and also actual operational capabilities. The Army's IED-Defeat coaching web site links to KnIFE along with provides close coordination with the center with regard to Army Lessons Discovered and the Battle Command Knowledge System. (20) Customers could access KnIFE resources over the particular Secure Web Protocol Router network,

The PC-based DARWARS Ambush! convoy team trainer will be another self-development resource developed through BBN Technologies in which provides an excellent virtual environment with regard to CREW training. JIEDDO funded the integration associated with CREW/RCIED representations directly into this virtual training environment inside 2008 to support both single player as well as multi-player modes. Synthetic opposing forces act/react in accordance with a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine. The Actual most sensible thing with regards to DARWARS Ambush! is that people as well as teams may practice platoon-level mounted infantry tactics anywhere. Your environment enables quick reset through mistakes and AAR tools. following CREW/RCIED practice in a virtual environment, the unit performs far better along with adapts quicker in the actual program of are living training as compared to would be possible with out individual preparation. the DARWARS Ambush! site,, contains the Request Authorization hyperlink where users request permission to join the community as well as access the software.

Finally, your CREW Convoy Planning Device provides an unclassified introduction into a classified planning remedy with regard to optimal CREW employment. Your Naval Sea Techniques Command Explosive Ordnance Disposal Division (EODTECHDIV) distributes this pc based coaching (CBT) program for you to authorized U.S. military organizations as well as other authorized persons. Your coaching edition involving this program utilizes the same interface as the classified edition for you to educate convoy planners. the plan allows users check CREW effectiveness against prevailing threats as well as warns of compatibility conflicts prior to CREW employment in company and battalion operations. Customers drag vehicles in the library, add/remove CREW, toggle on/off CREW, and hang up vehicle spacing. Your software program provides a quick aid to aid figure out the most successful placement associated with CREW systems within the particular convoy for you to increase CREW capabilities and minimize CREW vulnerabilities. to obtain any copy of the program, users e-mail a CBT software program request form to EODTECHDIV, (unclassified) or (classified).


In your hands with the enemy, RCIEDs threaten the actual safety as well as long-term strategic passions of the U.S. as well as our allies. Our initial flat-footed response to be able to this threat along with retrofitted SEPS jammers inside 2003 morphed into today's potent CREW capabilities that provide the actual power our forces need to fight back along with seize the initiative wherever along with whenever RCIEDs appear.

With zero end in sight to the CREW/RCIED arms race, CREW training must evolve in add-on to CREW materiel options to look further straight into the future than in the past before. The Particular temporary goal is usually to effectively leverage existing CREW investments with flexible, agile, along with efficient C-RCIED training across the operational, institutional, along with self-development training domains. More Than the long-term, CREW training must constantly readjust to stay relevant alongside another pillars associated with C-RCIED capability management. The Particular convergence regarding an integrated training strategy using the C-RCIED initiatives mentioned in this article maximizes the actual guarantee associated with CREW methods as well as ultimately determines their value to the force. the desired spin out through these efforts is a culture of agile C-RCIED adaptation in Army combat formations and also institutions that facilitates proficient leaders along with soldiers using relevant skills who could sustain enduring achievement against our enemies.


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Kent Gibson is truly a senior System Engineer regarding TCM-GS. In Your Program Of his Army service, Mr. Gibson was a field Artillery officer in Panama exactly where he commanded D-320th FA throughout combat and served as Fire support Officer for the actual 1-508th Infantry Battalion (Airborne). He then transitioned to MI as well as served like a Brigade S2 within Korea. Mr. Gibson later served at the National Safety Agency as a Cryptologic systems Management Officer and deployed as Balkans Watch Chief with regard to Operation Joint Endeavor. Within his final situation as any possible active duty officer he served as Deputy Director of the Brigade Combat support Directorate for the TRADOC Analysis Center--White Sands Missile Range. He recently worked as being a Senior Intelligence Analyst for that Army Intelligence Master Plan. Mr. Gibson is any Microsoft Certified Techniques Engineer along with Sun Certified Java Programmer. He holds an MS inside computer Science and also Industrial Engineering coming from New Mexico State College plus an MA in Economics from the university of Oklahoma.

For info or even questions regarding this article, please contact TCM-GS Operations from Commercial (520) 533-5762/4506/DSN: 821-5762/4506 or even (520) 538-2124/ DSN: 879-2124.

Figure 2. Expanded Funding Regarding C-RCIED Coaching Initiatives FY 2007 FY 2008 Line Involving Operation $Billion percent $Billion Percent Attack the actual Network $1.39 32% $1.38 29% Defeat the particular Device $2.53 58% $2.57 54% Train the particular Force $0.41 9% $0.71 15% Staff & Infrastructure $0.06 1% $0.11 2% Total $4.39 100% $4.77 100% (Source: JIEDDO Execution Plan, FYs 2007 and also 2008 (8)) Figure 3. CREW Coaching Device Specifications by simply Type/Quantity (Source: CREW STRAP, NSTIO (13)) Device Description target Audience XM1 The Actual XM1 Coaching Device is simply the physical representation of CREW CREW Familiarization capabilities. It features really in the particular program of Original Entry restricted functionality. training (IET) has basic switches and indicator lights plus an audible alarm initiated through observer /controller. Operator Totally practical CREW * Combat Training training representation. actual Centers (NTC, JRTC, Devices and physical components along with JMRC) Leader Coaching mesh network interoperability * Residence Station Devices to be able to IED simulators. Produces Training, operationally realistic trigger Pre-mobilization, and and results employing Pre-Deployment CREW capabilities. * Operator Training, Collective Training Are Living Devices actual CREW systems. Mobile Coaching Teams Operating live systems in CONUS demands coordination approval via FCC and also local spectrum management offices.

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